We accept new feature request all year round and schedule them in quarterly releases. Below is a summary of the features currently in the plugin.


Collect and Manage Abstracts

Allow users to submit Abstracts directly on your Wordpress site.

Control Users

Disable users from accessing the Wordpress admin dashboard.

Customizable Notifications

Customize email notifications for when an Abstract is submitted, assigned to a reviewer, approved or  rejected.

Blind Reviews

Enable or disable blind peer reviews. Show or hide reviewer comments to authors.

Collect and Manage Reviews

Assign up to 3 reviewers per abstract. Reviewers are automatically notified via email.

Frontend Dashboard

Offer an Abstracts submission portal fully separated from your Wordpress admin area.

Download Reports

Exports submissions and reviews as CSV (excel).

Unlimited Presenter Types

Set an unlimited amount of presenter types for authors and presenters to select.

Allow Unlimited Attachments

Upload unlimited attachments to abstracts. Control attachment types and max size from the settings area.

Export to PDF

Export submitted Abstracts to PDF with one click.

Fully Responsive

A fully responsive and intuitive user dashboard.


Security Captcha

Require users to enter a security code at login to avoid spam bots.

Want a sneak peak?

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