WP Abstracts Pro


Use WP Abstracts to accept and manage abstracts and peer reviews on your Wordpress website. This easy to use plugin allows you to create conferences and accept submissions from a responsive front-end dashboard.


Collect and Manage Abstracts
Allow users to submit Abstracts directly on your WordPress site.

Collect and Manage Reviews
Assign up to 3 reviewers per abstract. Reviewers are automatically notified via emai

Allow Unlimited Attachments
Upload unlimited attachments to abstracts. Control attachment types and max size from the settings area.

Control Users
Disable users from accessing the WordPress admin dashboard.

Customizable Notifications
Customize email notifications for when an Abstract is submitted, assigned to a reviewer, approved or rejected.

Blind Reviews
Enable or disable blind peer reviews. Show or hide reviewer comments to authors.

Frontend Dashboard
Offer an Abstracts submission portal fully separated from your WordPress admin area.

Download Reports
Exports submissions and reviews as CSV (excel).

Unlimited Presenter Types
Set an unlimited amount of presenter types for authors and presenters to select.

Export to PDF
Export submitted Abstracts to PDF with one click.

Fully Responsive
A fully responsive and intuitive user dashboard.

Security Captcha
Require users to enter a security code at login to avoid spam bots.

Change Log

## 1.5.0 – 09-30-2017 ##
* Feature – Enable / disable admin email notifications when reviews are submitted
* Feature – Added new email template for admin notifications when reviews are submitted
* Feature – Added a new abstract status and the ability to customize status descriptions
* Feature – Added a new email template for ‘Under Review’ status
* Feature – Added filter by presenter preference to abstracts list table
* Feature – Added presenter preference to abstract / review Sync setting
* Feature – Added author and user to abstract search fields
* Feature – Added “keywords” and “affiliations” to PDF exports
* Feature – Added Brazilian translation (Thanks to Gabriel Vieira)
* Feature – Added German translation (Thanks to Wolfgang Saus)
* Fix – Remove author and presenter fields when blind review is enabled
* Fix – Upgraded PDF exporter for PHP7+ compatibility
* Removed – Removed the Summary Tab (Summary can be obtained from Reports tab)
* Compatibility testing up to WP 4.8.2

## 1.4.0 – 06-10-2017 ##
* Feature – Added optional security captcha to login
* Feature – Added the ability use the ‘add media’ option on the text editor
* Feature – Media/images can now be included in exported PDFs
* Fix – Resolved intermittent error when exporting PDFs on PHP7
* Improvement – Implemented login using AJAX (apart of roadmap for future development)
* Improvement – Topics can now accepts commas
* Compatibility testing up to WP 4.8

## 1.3.0 – 03-26-2017 ##
* Feature – Added the ability to turn off abstract description field
* Fix – Remove back slash from abstract title when apostrophes are used.
* Fix – Resolved issue with word count.
* Fix – Resolved issue where review submission sometimes failed
* Fix – Resolved sorting by topics error
* Improvement – Facelift the login form and added Lost Password link
* Compatibility testing up to WP 4.7.3

## 1.2.0 – 04-30-2016 ##
* Feature – Added the ability to turn off author fields
* Feature – Added user’s name to the csv abstracts exports under reports
* Feature – Added status filter and search to Abstracts
* Feature – Added user role/type filter and search to Users
* Feature – Added ability to create and export a zip of all attachments
* Feature – Added search option for attachment tab
* Feature – Added abstract and attachment IDs to attachment tab
* Feature – Added {PRESENTER_PREFERENCE} list of shortcodes for email templates
* Feature – Added optional author email alerts on reviewer comments
* Feature – Added optional keywords field to submission page and setting option
* Feature – Added optional terms & conditions to submission page and setting option
* Feature – Added optional setting to hide reviewer comments
* Feature – Added optional setting to sync reviewer status choice to abstracts
* Fix – Corrected email templates from being reset when plugin is re-activated
* Fix – Corrected email template id when bulk action is used to Accept submissions
* Fix – Corrected broken reviewer assignments when assigning additional reviewers to submission
* Fix – Corrected broken attachment download issue on author’s dashboard
* Fix – Corrected glitch in changing topics while editing abstracts
* Fix – Corrected event deadline to correctly compare current date and event deadline irrespective of the current wordpress datetime format
* Fix – Corrected unwanted slashes in text editor when apostrophes are used.
* Improvement – Included more wordpress filters for admin tabs, header, pages and frontend dashboard, get and edit views.
* Improvement – Event is now automatically selected/set based on event ID from shortcode on the dashboard
* Compatibility testing up to WP 4.5.2

## 1.1.3 – 12/20/2015 ##
* Feature – Added auto-updater to allow future updates from wordpress plugin’s page
* Feature – Added presenter preference and abstract Id shortcode for automated emails
* Feature – Added the ability to turn off presenter preference
* Feature – Added the ability to change abstract status back to pending
* Feature – Added setting to allow reviewers to be authors
* Feature – Added filter to reviewer list to exclude already assigned reviewers
* Fix – Blocked reviewers from being assigned their own abstracts
* Fix – Blocked direct downloads for abstracts, attachments and reports (security Fix)
* Fix – Removed passed events from the drop down for new submissions
* Fix – Corrected date on exported PDFs
* Fix – Corrected remaining attachments allowed while in editing abstracts
* Fix – Corrected pagination results on abstracts and attachment tabs
* Fix – Corrected the show admin bar issue glitch
* Tweak – Optimized abstracts and attachments tabs to handle large amounts of submissions
* Tweak – Minor revamping of the admin panel
* Compatibility testing up to WP 4.4

## 1.1.2 – 06/07/2015 ##
* Feature – Added email templates for status change – accepted and rejected
* Feature – Added the ability to turn off attachment completely
* Feature – Added the ability to unassign a reviewer
* Fix – Exporting file name issue under Reports
* Fix – Minor JS bug affecting abstracts submission
* Fix – Author affiliations input field limitation issue

## 1.1.1 – 03/13/2015 ##
* Fix – Language and localization bug
* Fix – Enabling blind review displayed author’s name on reviewer’s dashboard
* Fix – Author instructions not saving
* Fix – Auto-update error on WP plugin page
* Fix – Reviewer submission setting affected author’s dashboard

## 1.1 – 03/03/2015 ##
* Enhancement – Completely new Responsive front-end dashboard
* Feature – Added Attachments Tab for fast and easier access to uploaded attachments
* Feature – Added Ability to customize outgoing emails
* Feature – Added submission deadline on events / conferences
* Feature – Added Automatic Updates. Update to the latest version just like you would with other plugins
* Feature – Added support for multiple events or conferences. Include the event ID in the shortcode E.g.[wpabstracts event_id##2]
* Feature – Added option (under setting tab) to disable reviewer abstract editing privileges
* Feature – Added option (under setting tab) to disable reviewer abstract submission privileges
* Feature – Merged Author and Reviewers login area (now one dashboard login but backward compatible)
* Tweak – Redesigned the user’s manager area
* Tweak – Partial transition to jQuery
* Tweak – Minor admin area JS and CSS tweak
* Compatibility testing up to WP 4.1

## 1.0.4 – 08/15/2014 ##
* Feature – Added limit for attachment uploads per submission
* Feature – Added customizable instruction text for authors
* Feature – Authors can now delete abstracts if still in pending mode
* Feature – Ability to customize presenter preferences
* Fix – Front-end HTML rendering issues on some templates (a work in progress)
* Fix – Content sanitization issue while saving abstract description
* Fix – Character count now changed to word count and rectified
* Fix – Date error/warning while adding reviews
* Fix – Only related topics are loaded on event change when editing abstracts
* Tweak – Author’s name now accepts commas
* Tweak – Added event name on abstracts listing
* Tweak – Added submissions count to events listing
* Tweak – Proper chart labeling of y-axe under reports
* Compatibility testing with WP 3.9.2

## 1.0.3 – 05/15/2014 ##
* Feature – Added language support (Thanks to Stergatou Eleni, CTI, Greece)
* Feature – Added Greek translation (Again thanks to Stergatou Eleni)
* Feature – Ability for blind reviews
* Fix – Topics are now displayed to the reviewers in IE.
* Fix – Abstract sorting error on reviews tab
* Fix – PHP short tags
* Fix – WP debug notices
* Tweak – Added get_option(‘date_format’) . ‘ ‘ . get_option(‘time_format’) for abstracts display in admin pages
* Tweak – Simplified shortcode to [wpabstracts] (backward compatibility kept)
* Tweak – Added flick as jquery ui css theme
* Tweak – Added Abstract ID column on Reviews tab
* Tweak – Migrated HTML to separate location
* Tweak – Partial transition from Javascript to jQuery
* Compatibility testing with WP 3.9.1

## 1.0.2 – 03/15/2014 ##
* Feature – Reports tab with graphs and csv exports
* Feature – Download Abstracts as PDF
* Feature – Ability to add up to 3 reviewers
* Feature – Setting to turn off ‘change ownership’ on submissions
* Feature – Added Author Affiliation to submissions
* Fix – Better HTML formatting abstracts description
* Fix – Restrict removal of all authors
* Fix – Error when email reviewer on assignment is enabled
* Tweak – Added tooltips on settings page
* Tweak – Partial transition from Javascript to jQuery

## 1.0.1 – 02/15/2014 ##
* Feature – Option to manage attachments from the edit screen.
* Feature – Option to assign abstracts to existing users (change ownership).
* Feature – Option for reviewers to submit abstracts
* Feature – New column to show attachment count on submissions
* Fix – possible “header() already sent” error while downloading attachments
* Fix – bug on summary page where abstracts displayed wrong title
* Tweak – Minor JS and CSS tweak

## 1.0 – 01/15/2014 ##
* Initial Release


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